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Red Paddle Co 9’6 Compact SUP


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An all-round SUP for riders who want the ultimate in convenience and storage without compromising on performance.

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Half the Size, Double the Adventure. A game-changing SUP both on and off the water!

Ten years in the making, our mission to make paddle boarding even more accessible has been realised. Our revolutionary 9’6” Compact (patent-pending) is a step forward in what an inflatable board can be – a full-sized SUP which folds down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board.

Based on our award-winning, all-round Ride 10’6″ MSL, the 9’6” Compact is 32”/813mm wide and 4.7”/120mm thick and provides the perfect blend of stability and manoeuvrability allowing you to make the most of any location and any conditions! Weighing in at just 8kg (board-only) and supporting riders up to 95kg/209lbs, it has never been easier to fold, roll and go on your next SUP adventure.


To achieve this completely new compact board we developed state-of-the-art trademarked technology, exclusive to the 9’6″ Compact. At the core of the board is a unique weaving process that creates an extra-high-resolution thread matrix. When combined with a super-strong but malleable outer layer and advanced quad stringer system – the result is a super-stiff board that rolls up to an ultra-small pack size.


(Packed weight is approximately 12.7kg)


Once you receive your new 9’6″ Compact board, check out our handy user guide for top tips on how to unpack and then repack your board, pumping techniques and how to fit your fins. See the full guide here: COMPACT USER GUIDE

For more information about the Compact board package CLICK HERE…



Μήκος: 9’6″
Πλάτος: 32″/813mm
Πάχος: 4.7″/120mm
Όγκος: 222 liters
Βάρος αναβάτη: Up to 95kgs
Βάρος SUP: 12.7 kg / 27.9 lb
Ύψος τσάντας: 56 cm
Πλάτος τσάντας: 42 cm
Βάθος τσάντας: 28 cm
Πτερύγια: Twin Click Fin system



Τι περιλαμβάνεται στη συσκευασία

Το Red Paddle 9’6 Compact SUP έρχεται με:

  • Compact Backpack
  • Five Piece Paddle
  • Titan Pump
  • Twin Click Fins
  • Coiled Leash

Τεχνολογία PACT

The 9’6” Compact is a full-sized SUP that packs down to half the size of a conventional inflatable board. How is that possible, you ask? It’s all thanks to PACT™ technology.

Following Red Paddle Co’s ongoing commitment to innovation, a new weaving process creates an extra-high-tensile thread matrix at the core of the board that combines with a super-strong but malleable outer layer and a tensile quad stringer-system.

The result is a board that always keeps its shape when inflated, but packs down to an ultra-small size once you’ve let out the air.




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